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Marsden Lightweight Hanging Balance Electronic Crane Scale

  • Capacity: 30kg to 300kg
  • Graduations: 0.01kg to 0.1kg
£89.00 Ex VAT

Highly Accurate and Lightweight Digital Crane Scale

  • Capacity: 100kg to 1000kg
  • Graduations: 0.05kg to 0.5kg
£191.00 Ex VAT

Lightweight Aluminium Electronic Crane Suspension Scale

  • Capacity: 1,000kg to 5,000kg
  • Graduations: 0.5kg to 2kg
From £249.00 Ex VAT

Marsden Large High Capacity Hanging Crane Weighing Scale

  • Capacity: 10,000kg to 20,000kg
  • Graduations: 5kg to 10kg
From £899.00 Ex VAT

What is a crane scale?

A crane scale, otherwise known as a hanging scale, is a heavy duty scale used for suspension weighing of large, heavy items in industrial environments. Using a crane scale, allows you to save floor space and easily weigh awkwardly shaped items.

Crane scales are often used to weigh items to ensure they do not overload a crane or other lifting device as well as to provide an item’s weight to the user.

What are the advantages of a crane scale?

Here are some of the main advantages of using a Marsden crane scale:

1. High capacity weighing

Our crane scales come in a range of weighing capacities. The Marsden OCS-Z Crane Scale is available with a high weighing capacity of 20,000kg.

2. Weigh awkwardly-shaped items

Sometimes, it is not possible to weigh an awkwardly-shaped item on a platform scale – it is easier to suspend the item to weigh it using a hanging scale.

3. Save on floor space

Platform scales are ideal for weighing large, heavy items – but they take up floor space. A crane scale does not. It can be left in situ when not in use, without being in the way of warehouse traffic like fork trucks and operatives.

4. Save time and labour costs

Crane scales, particularly smaller, lightweight ones, are more portable than platform scales. Therefore it is easier to move the scale to the item to be weighed rather than the other way around.

Crane scales are battery operated and some come with a remote control for safe operation from a distance.

Why should I choose a crane scale from Marsden Weighing?

Marsden crane scales are accurate, robust and available with capacities from 30kg to 20 tonnes. They’re affordably priced, too.

Benefits of Marsden crane scales include infra-red remote control for safe operation, Hold and Tare, and an overload warning system. Each crane scale is provided with a Proof of Load Test certificate.

Each of our crane scales can be ordered with next day UK delivery. Click on the images to find out more or call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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